Google Advanced Search Techniques

Google is the best search engine in this era which gets more than 4,464,000,000 searches daily, where the Bing search engine gets 873,964,000 searches in a day. A user who knows the technics of Google Advanced Search, he/she gets very quickly that what he/she looks for on google.

Most of the internet users use Google to search on the internet, I believe you are one of them. If you know some techniques about google advanced search, then the techniques would save your time to get a result very quickly.

Let’s walk through the Google Advanced search techniques

There are lots of advanced searching ways of google have for its users. Now I’ll let you know some of the techniques that are most commons.

Find documents/files on google using google advanced search

For example, you are looking for some technology trend research papers to make a business plan. For that, you search on the google with a keyword like “technology trend research paper”. Google will show you millions of search results and from the given search results by Google, you have to find what you are looking for; that’s very common. This searching method would take huge time to get a document that you are actually looking for.

To save your time or get something very quickly on google, google has an advanced search technique. Let, you want some PDFs on the topic. then advanced search technique is:

technology trend research paper fileType:pdf

First, write the keyword and then write fileType:pdf and hit enter. Try on google now. You can use any other doctype you want. If you want any doc file, then put fileType:doc.

Isn’t the Google advanced search technique for finding a document file better? Yes, it is.


Overview of C

C is a foundation programming language for programming students & C programming language is awesome. In this article, I will go with some basics of C programming language & some others that related to programming languages. Let’s get started…

What is a program?

A set of instruction that performs a specific task called a program.

What is C programming language?

C programming language is a programming language by which we can write a set of instructions that performs a specific task.

What is Compiler?

A compiler is a program that translates source program written by high level or mid level language (example: C) into machine language.

Basic structures of C program:

  • Documentation section.
  • Link section.
  • Definition section.
  • Global declaration section.
  • main() function.
  • Sub-program section.

Levels of programming languages

There are three different levels of programming languages & these are

1. High-level programming language. 

Fast development time + slower executable file. (example: C, Java)

2. Mid-level programming language.

Mid level is between high-level & low-level. (example: Assembly language)

3. Low-level programming language. 

Long development time + Fast executable file. (example: Machine language)

More about C:

  • C is a robust language that written by Dennis Ritchie at Bell Labs in 1978.
  • It has 32 keywords.
  • C is a portable language.
  • It is an extendable programming language.

Keep in your mind:

  • Defined value is constant.
  • Global variable should be declared in above main function
  • Local variable declared in function.

To learn more about C you can check this Wikipedia link.




Online Shopping Sites in India

People care about time & money; online shopping sites in India save both. In this smart era, people started to shop online, people buy products online from their home or while they are at the office. As we know India is one of the largest populated countries over the world, users of the internet increasing amazingly and online shopping in India getting good enough popularity.
Nowadays, many people search for online shopping websites in India, they search for top online shopping sites in India, Online shopping India cash on delivery etc. In this article I’ll go with a list of best online shopping sites, here I’ll write about top 15 e-commerce websites. In a different article I’ll write about top 10 online shopping sites in India.

Online Shopping sites in India

Nowadays, more than 40% of worldwide population using the internet, India has more than 1.252 billion people and according to the World Bank’s 2015 data, 26% of Indian people using internet. 26% of the Indian population are a huge market, many international e-commerce giants targeted India for online shopping business in India, they are working to get them to the top of the list of online shopping sites in India.

List of Top Online Shopping sites in India (Top 15):

While research for this article we found a huge number of online shopping websites in India, many of them offer online shopping with cash on delivery facility.

Here is the list of online shopping sites in India (Top 15):

Sopping Site Website

Online grocery shopping India

For online grocery shopping in India you can go with,,,, etc.

Online Clothes Shopping in India

Most of all fashion shopping sites in India selling clothes, for western wear you can visit,,, etc are the common online clothes shopping sites in India. If you check all the websites in the list above you will find many of these selling clothes too.

Online furniture shopping in India

I already mentioned a website for online furniture shopping in India. When you are looking for buying furniture you can go with  or

Online shopping in India with cash on delivery

Yes, this is what many people want. They purchase online without touching anything, so for trust & safety many e-commerce websites in India giving Online Shopping with cash on delivery.  With this facility you don’t need to pay first, you pay once you get an ordered product at hand.

Cheapest Online Shopping Sites in India

What are the cheapest online shopping sites in India, its a pretty expected question. Actually the price of products depends on many things. eBay India online shopping is one of the cheapest online shop,  amazon online shopping India so on.  Aliexpress India online shopping becoming one of the cheapest online shopping sites in India. You would claim discount when an online shop offers. Maximum online shopping website offering products for cheapest price.

Online Shoes Shopping in India

Most of fashion related shopping website selling shoes online. For online shoes shopping in India you can go with or

Why shopping with e-Commerce websites in India

There are a lot of causes of shopping with e-Commerce websites in India.  Few of these are:

  • No crowds
  • Better prices
  • Purchases are easier
  • Send gifts more to anyone easily
  • More variety
  • Fewer expenses
  • Price comparisons

Thanks for coming here, I hope this article will help you to mark the best online shopping site in India.

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What Is e-commerce

E-Commerce means Electronic commerce. In other words, commercial instance of buying and selling something which is accomplished by electronically on the internet. In this globalization world everything is convenient and easy to discover. Similarly, we can find out everything within a second with the help of internet. Life is become so graceful with the bless of internet and other technologies.

It is basically, a trading system which is work worldwide by using computer networks in services alternatively products. E-commerce or Electronic commerce is co-related with electronic fund transaction, mobile commerce, online transaction processing, online data collection, online marketing, chain management, and stock management system.

History of E-Commerce

First time officially e-commerce had been used in 1972 with the title of  “The Seminal of E-Commerce” in John Markoff’s book. In 1979 online shopping system spreading with the help of Michael Aldrich. By passing time E-Commerce is updated by many technological persons for the betterment of mankind. In 1990s world wide web has included E-Commerce to web browser. Then, in 2002 e-commerce added eBay and PayPal. In this way E-Commerce enhance it’s network and features globally. Meanwhile, in 2013 E-Commerce earned $294billion on retail sales project. In this coming years this system will get more popularity and money as well.

Services of E-Commerce

E-Commerce is well known to everyone because of it’s amazing and impressive services. It has huge area of services among world. It provides numerous services and features and these are-

  • Services of Consulting: E-Commerce emphasis of customer needs and boosting up their bottom streak. In this service you can analyze process of your business, requirements of functional and technical services, take SEO optimize, online sales as well as revenue and so many other services.
  • Services of Solution: In this services you will come to know how to open a successful business and increase it. It is all about strategy, higher traffic, web development and design, custom shopping & solution and so on.
  • Services of Design: This section will help you on architectural area like design your site to get high sale rate, and verifying your site loyalty.
  • Services of Email Marketing: Email is known as big channel of communication. It provides a brand information, interaction with customer and enhance of correspondences.
  • Services of Graphic Design: It will help you creative and unique graphic design. It creates and strong visual appealing on behalf of you. It will provide you consistency of graphic design of any area.

Payments of E-Commerce

E-Commerce is working with the help of internet. In online services are provided and payments are collected. When anyone buy or get any goods or services, they will have to pay in online. In this section payment mainframes and payment doorways come into the picture. Payments in electronic ways reduce inconvenience with checks. This method is very safe and truth worthy. You can see your transaction in online. You can deal with any currency of this world. No hesitation, no complication, no risk, simply tension free business you can do and receive feedbacks.

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online shopping websites in bangladesh

Online shopping culture rising in Bangladesh, many companies have started their e-commerce website to sell their products online. An association named e-cab (e-Commerce Association of Bangladesh) working on e-commerce awareness in Bangladesh. Nowadays a large number of people in Bangladesh prefer shopping online because online shopping websites in Bangladesh save time, energy & money.

list of online shopping sites in Bangladesh

There are a lot of eCommerce websites in Bangladesh selling products online, more online shopping websites coming.  Here is a list of top 15 largest eCommerce sites in Bangladesh.


Recommended: eCommerce website development solutions in Bangladesh

Why shopping with Online eCommerce Websites in Bangladesh

We have found some causes of people interesting on shopping online.

  • Convenience
  • Better prices
  • More variety
  • Send gifts more easily
  • Fewer expenses
  • Price comparisons
  • No crowds
  • Less compulsive shopping
  • Buying used or unused items at lower prices
  • Purchases are easier is one of the best ecommerce websites in Bangladesh, where you can find huge numbers of products. For online cloth shopping in Bangladesh, you can go with bagdoom, priyoshop or daraz. Chaldal is the best online store in Bangladesh for grocery and food. When you are hungry you can go with hungrynaki or foodpanda. Kaymu is becoming one of the top Bangladeshi online shopping mall & daraz so on. Recently Alibaba started their online shopping service in BD.

Do you want to start your online shopping business in Bangladesh? If yes, you can take our help. To start online shopping business, you must have an eCommerce website where you will sell your products online. IT SEBA can help you to build an eCommerce/online shopping website for a discount price. To know details just call us: 01711934561

Thanks for coming here, we will update this post in every 3 months. Stay with us to know the best online shopping sites in Bangladesh.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of E-Commerce

Nowadays, before taking or using things, everyone eagerly wants to know what is the advantages and disadvantages. It describes E-Commerce full impact in day to day life globally. In particulate, quick internet connection and strong tools innovation have gifted E-Commerce to the Commerce area. This internet connection adds many people in this field. E-Commerce provides numerous advantages along with many disadvantages. In today’s 21st century, everything is in electrified. The electronic and via services established virtual correspondence. E-Commerce has both the sides of bright and dark. But, bright sides are more effective and valuable in our modern lives. We usually believe in taking benefits and overcoming the obstacles.

Advantages of E-Commerce

E-Commerce advantages can be seen in every sector of our modern lives. Likewise, people can broaden their national and international market with the smallest investment. Furthermore, any types of organization can do their job conveniently with the help of E-Commerce. Here are the most significant advantages of networking are below-

  • Best Productivity: This system provides best products among consumers and companies as well. People find quick feedback in online because of its convenient in all aspects.
  • Best Services: E-Commerce tries to give their client the best services. It does not matter he/she is an organization or a customer.
  • Quality Services: In this process clients can get quality product along with quality services. In fact, they can choose their cherish.
  • Reasonable Prize: E-Commerce provides their clients best products as well as services at the reasonable prize. For this factor, people more attract on it.
  • Quick Transaction: When people get its features and services they can pay easily. Inversely, people can buy and sell their products easily with a quick online transaction.

Disadvantages of E-Commerce

Though E-Commerce has many advantages it has some disadvantages as well. Its disadvantages cannot be denied but it can be ignored. These disadvantages are very little compared to E-Commerce advantages. Here are some ignoble disadvantages below demonstrate-

  • Protection: In many aspects, we cannot protect our online account on the web which helps us to buy and sell products online. Sometimes, this transaction cannot be trustworthy.
  • Risk: Sometimes, for payment transaction and buy products can be risky. People may  face many fraud people in this online process.
  • Complicated System: This system totally depends on online. So, people who do not know how to use the internet cannot reach E-Commerce.
  • Relation Problem: Loyal relation cannot build in online which we can find in manual relation. The online relation is not so strong all the time.
  • Network Problem: In developing country internet network is not so strong. So, people of these countries may face difficulties in using E-Commerce daily.

Impact of Advantages and Disadvantages of E-Commerce

Everything in this world has merits and demerits. So, it’s totally up to us which things we want to receive and which things we need to avoid. Our using capabilities and utilization will prove the right as well as relevant results. This is not as tough as we think. If people are aware of using online services and its resources, we can overcome the disadvantages of E-Commerce. We should take the advantages of E-Commerce and discover the disadvantages cause and try to fix it. If we do so, we can not only enjoy more facilities in our internet but also can browse more features and services as well.

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Future of E-Commerce

It is true that E-Commerce has opened a new dimension to this modern era. If this dimension will be continuing, The Future of E-Commerce will be bright for sure. The diligence trade is enduring very drastically. E-Commerce is confining huge scales of sales much better than before. This process has changed the way of marketing, shopping process, consulting, design, graphics, solution, email marketing and so on. E-Commerce helps people to purchase their cherished, needed and searching products with zero percent apprehensions and risk globally. E-Commerce has established its position by getting the attention of worldwide people and spending an impressive amount of money. E-Commerce websites are created by the outsourcing organization as well as other web companies in order to become a popular way to shop.

Conveniences Future of E-Commerce

Conveniences Future of E-Commerce will be increased which can be said beyond doubt. It will be easier in front of everyone with the help of internet infiltration, every object will be found for the blessings of E-Commerce. The worldwide B2C E-Commerce method is getting more popularity with the passage of time. Meanwhile, in recent survey proved that in 2015 will gather $700 billion to $900 billion approximately. Inversely, there will be 3 billion internet user utilize E-Commerce globally. Social Media will also boost electronic trade method efficiency. Similarly, This field will be known as an advantageous separate sector for updating business.

Future of E-Commerce Production

We live in an age of science and technology, so we have to be aware of the economy as well as industrial power. The internet expertise has rehabilitated the connection between business and customer. E-Commerce has opened new era like marketing, manufacturing, information, economic, graphic and solution. The delivery of E-Commerce production gets advanced day by day. In this production, you will get more features, fun, discount and amazing product all over the world. Production depends on advertise by spreading people knowledge about E-Commerce. Future Production of E-Commerce will be shortened and smooth much more than now. Delivery of products will be faster, better, cheaper and errorless. It will be possible because of improvement of IT and management as well.

Future Growth of E-Commerce

From the beginning to till E-Commerce growth is noticeable. So, its future growth will be more promising beyond doubt. E-Commerce has been contravening all the previous records year after year. E-Commerce is working to erase gap of distances to consumer and business. It is one the part of globalization. That is way, its advancement and growth in future are guaranteed. Some growth will be done like these-

  • More faster
  • Trustworthy
  • Enhance Technology
  • Spread Network
  • Personalization
  • Enhance Quality
  • Excellent Services
  • Impressive Features
  • Combine Efforts
  • Increased Resources
  • Work Unanimously
  • Include more Powerful Tools
  • Strong Strategies and so on.

All these future growths will be done to cope with the modernized world and full fill the demand of modern people across the world.

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Importance of e-Commerce Website

An e-commerce website can convert your brick and mortar store to an internet store and build a lot of and a lot of customers by simply a click. Internet e-commerce design offers you a lot of benefits. Your business remains open twenty-four hours to your purchasers. E-commerce website design extends your presence to distant however prospective purchasers. Sitting at home or workplace anyone can view, choose, order, build payment and obtain delivery of their desired product instantly. therefore it will increase your business and revenue moreover.


People recently became terribly acutely aware regarding their time. They a lot of favor to obtain things on-line instead of going out for shopping. An e-commerce website allows them to shop for their desired product right from their home. they can use their credit cards for creating payments at the e-commerce sites. This straightforward methodology of shopping for a product is far most popular by individuals and therefore in conjunction with it the increases the importance of an e-commerce website.


An e-commerce website not solely permits one to shop for a product for themselves however conjointly they can buy gifts for his or her friends on-line. the website provides a vicinity of payment and another section for the shipping address. just in case anyone is shopping for a present, he will build payment from his personal account and supply the address of his friend. and also the gift reaches its destination at the proper time. It’s as easy as that to send a present to your idolized ones, and it’s solely attributable to the presence of an e-commerce website.


If somebody has seen the complete website and likable something, however, do not would like to shop for the item, the website provides an answer for him too. He will save the item into his “Wishlist” and once he needs to shop for that terrible object he does not have to flick thru the complete website all over again. He can get to grips with the item through the listing. therefore is that the e-commerce website so user-friendly.


Now the question may arise if the complete procedure is taking place on-line, then what if you’re provided with a controversial delivery? the website conjointly offers an answer to it drawback too. The client will place a grievance at the “Goods Return” section and right measures are going to be taken at it.


An e-commerce website offers the chance to the viewers to post their comments regarding the site. This lets website owner to urge a feedback regarding their site. individuals can also post their requirements. this allows the owner to remain in grips with this market and keep the site updated. The more an e-commerce website is updated, a lot of is its variety of visitors and consequently a lot of is its business.


Note: IT Seba LTD. is an e-commerce web design & development company in Bangladesh. Contact us today for your E-commerce Web site.


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Benefits of a Website

For obtaining the benefits of making a website, it’s necessary to know the benefits of improvisation using the net is that the most convenient and helpful place to urge all the relevant info in only one click. It’s a virtual world, wherever info is offered in abundance, serving to individuals to supply what really they wanted. The foremost necessary feature of a website is that it’s widely accessible and connected to each remote place on this earth. To induce the rock solid web presence, you’ll seriously like a custom website.

So, if you create your own web presence, you’ll be able to really reach to millions that in extremely short time. Designing a website will extremely assist you during this quick dynamical world. planning a website means that designing of an idea that you wish to share together with your service  takers. you may have to be compelled to showcase your utility to people that surf the net and appearance for info. The website offers an authentic presence during this virtual world to administer you a custom advertising policy.

Besides this, a website contains a heap different benefits. Web site creation on the net offers you sufficient area to promote your product and services. You can conjointly compare your costs and make a virtual marketplace that includes your services to profit your company. Second benefit of website creation is that it offers you a worldwide presence, with several competitors to vie with you. You can advertise your product at the international level and once some times, you’ll be able to really reap the advantages of those international advertisements. Website design offers you a lot of independence to specific yourself. You’ll be able to conjointly increase your web traffic and attract potential buyers or service availors. The one amongst the foremost interesting feature of website is that it’ll increase your conversion rates. Conversion rates are conversion of potential into the particular ones.

So, it’s extremely helpful if you produce a web site for your usage. You’ll be able to approach to several website design services firms wherever you’ll be able to provide expression to your dream. Tell them about your utility and design a website that speaks your mind. There are several website designing firms serving individuals and creating quality websites for dreams to understand. A web design company in Bangladesh that IT Seba is becoming a preferred destination recently to create quality websites in restricted prices which too in restrictive time-frame.

If you’re planning to design a customized web site to administer you the simplest experiences of attracting potential customers, contact a decent web designing immediately and facilitate them to design for you.


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Importance of Having A Website

Daily million of individuals spend hours on the net. therefore if you own a business you would like to have a website for a lot of advantages. With web promoting on the market, you do not have to think about print or word of mouth as much any longer. a number of the goals that can be achieved by launching a website include the following:

  • Having a website is a lot of flexible than print advertising. this can be extraordinarily completely different. Your promotion is accessible for a longer amount of your time, the content is modified while not having to ask somebody to try and do it for you (if a longer a content management system) and you’ll probably reach a wider audience.
  • If somebody asks you regarding what services you offer, you’ll save some time by responsive your client in short and hand them your card along with your web address on that and tell them they’ll find out everything they need to understand if they visit your website.
  • An internet presence for businesses implies that people who board completely different states or countries will realize you and probably provide you with some business. If you’ve got custom writing services in your community, you’re restricted to solely the native customers, however, if you set your business on-line, you’ve got the complete world as potential customers.
  • You can not support your customers twenty-four hours each day on your native business. however, you’ll stay open twenty-four hours each day by your on-line business.
  • You’ll journal regarding your business and write on your product and services. Regular blogging also will facilitate increase your search engine rankings.
  • Customers don’t like longer for selecting and shopping for a product from an internet business. And it’s an easier manner by shopping for a product and obtaining home delivery for a client. A client can also save his time by this.
  • Produce a social media presence additionally and start to have interaction customers.
  • Having website customers will quickly and simply provide feedback on your product and promoting approach.
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